Digital Shop Sprint Academy: Dream Big, Design Boldly, Deliver Digitally
  • The Big Picture - Dive into the vibrant world of digital shops, learn why you also need funnels, and research your market for a smooth start 
  • Product Creation - Master the art of creating different types of digital products, challenge yourself to create 30 products in 30 days, clarify your understanding of usage rights, file sizes, and download Canva templates to get started quickly! 
  • Preparing to Sell - Gain confidence in pricing your products without feeling guilty or greedy, package them effectively to increase their value, and protect your creations with a license terms. 
  • Driving Traffic & Sales to Your Shop - Implement effective strategies to attract more customers and increase your average order value so that you can earn more revenue from each sale. 
  • Customer Service Experience - Learn how to handle customer support efficiently and effectively to maintain a positive relationship with your customers and improve their overall experience. 
  • Your First Product - Start to Finish - Follow our step-by-step guide to launch your first product to the world and start earning passive income today!
Digital Shop Sprint Academy: WooCommerce Expert Shop Setup & Scale System
  • Getting Started with WooCommerce - Begin your journey by understanding the basics of WooCommerce and setting up your shop from scratch. 
  • Designing your Shop - Create user-friendly shop, category and product pages that attract and convert 
  • Specific How-To's - A growing library of detailed tutorials based on 16+ years of expert experience 
  • Marketing & WooCommerce - Effective marketing strategies tailored for WooCommerce to boost your shop's visibility and sales. 
  • Code Snippets - Enhance your shop's functionality with easy-to-implement code snippets that improve user experience and performance. 
  • Bonus Tech Tutorials - Access additional technical tutorials to further customize your shop for customer support, use Woo for your tripwire or OTO, and more!
Digital Shop Sprint Academy + WooCommerce Tech Stack Bundle
Get access to both courses for a complete package that will make your dreams of a successful digital product business come true!

I have to say the number of hours worth of video content is INCREDIBLE! Seriously, I was skeptical that I needed help with my website because I’ve had over 160 sales already. But these courses are SO good. Literally, in every video, I have a MAJOR light bulb moment! If you are just starting to think about selling Digital Products or if you've been selling for years, you will learn so much from the Academy!
Emily Christine
Sweet Creek Patterns

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